Handmade Wooden Spoons
Handmade Wooden Spoons
Handmade Wooden Spoons
Handmade Wooden Spoons

Handmade Wooden Spoons

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Materials: Wood

Made in America - Handmade in Amish country, Pennsylvania by skilled craftsman. Bringing tradition back to your kitchen with an iconic design, our wood spoons are carved from cherry, maple, and walnut trees sustainably harvested in Pennsylvania.

Versatile - Great for mixing, cooking, and serving. Best wooden spoons for any cooking surface including cast iron cookware, non-stick Teflon, stainless steel, and woks. Perfect for cooking in the kitchen or serving at the dinner table. Ideal for making soup, stirring vegetables, sauteing meat, and serving rice.

All Natural - 100% pure natural hardwood, hand-carved from durable and long-lasting Pennsylvania hardwoods. Our wooden spoons are light but extremely strong, durable, and food safe. This natural material will be gentle on your cookware, keeping your pots and pans in excellent condition. How to clean wooden spoons: gently wash with soap and water.

Beautiful Design - Meticulously designed, comfortable handle for both left-handed and right-handed users. Makes an excellent gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Mothers Day, Weddings, and Bridal Showers. This classic french spoon design is the perfect size for almost every cooking application.

Lifetime Warranty - Extremely durable and backed by a lifetime warranty. All Lancaster Cast Iron products are tested and designed for a long life of use in the kitchen.